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Cat Mate Ice Pack FAQs

Yes, these Cat Mate ice packs are direct replacements for the pack you received with your automatic cat feeder.

All food dispensers compatible with wet food come with an ice pack included. If that ice pack becomes damaged or worn, these are direct replacements for that pack. Select the correct ice pack for your feeder and it will fit perfectly.

If you feed your cat only dry food, you don’t need an ice pack. If you feed your cat wet food using an automatic cat feeder, your cat would appreciate it if you used an ice pack.

The ice pack helps keep wet food fresher for longer on warmer days. If the feeder is by a radiator or in a warm place, the food will soon become warm and unpalatable to a cat. The ice pack helps delay that for as long as possible.

The Cat Mate ice pack is a direct replacement for the pack you got with your feeder. All you need to do is remove the old one and replace it with the new. It doesn’t need refilling with water or any maintenance.

Simply freeze the ice pack overnight and place it inside the automatic cat feeder when you load it with food and set it up. That’s it!

We manufacture ice packs for every automatic cat feeder compatible with wet food.

Check for the size or shape of the ice pack and read the product description. It will tell you exactly what cat feeder it is compatible with. If in doubt, contact one of our team who will be happy to help.

Cat Mate ice packs will fit Cat Mate auto cat feeders. We manufacture both the feeder itself and all accessories, including ice packs. These are the same design and build as the ice pack you got with your feeder.

There is no trimming or fettling required. Each Cat Mate ice pack should slot into place and be ready to go. It won’t need filling with water or any maintenance as they are designed to be completely maintenance free.