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Automatic Cat Feeders for Wet Food FAQs

Yes,automatic feedersare good for cats. They are no substitute for you being around at mealtimes, but if your schedule doesn’t allow or you’re going away for a couple of days, this is the next best thing. Your cat gets to keep their scheduled mealtime and can eat fresh food without smelling out the house.

You can leave a cat alone with an automatic wet food cat feeder for as many meals as the feeder can dispense. A two meal feeder can feed your cat for a day or slightly longer. A five meal automatic feeder can keep them going for even longer, as long as your cat has access to clean fresh water

A few important factors to consider include the amount of time the ice pack is frozen for prior to use, the temperature of the room, exposure of the feeder to direct sunlight, the amount of food in each bowl, and the temperature of the food when it is placed into the bowl.

You can feed your cat when you’re away with an automatic wet food cat feeder. If your cat isn’t a grazer or you have multiple cats, a cat feeder ensures they keep their regular mealtime and everyone gets their dinner. It’s much cheaper than a cattery and you can go about your day in confidence knowing that your cat has food.

You can leave dry food out all day for cats but we wouldn’t recommend doing it for wet food. For one, it can smell when it’s left out for a long time. Two, it can encourage neighbouring cats to come calling and it isn’t the most hygienic way to feed a cat. Some cats like to graze and eat little and often, others prefer regular mealtimes. If your cat prefers the latter, a wet food dispenser for cats is the way to go.

Ideally no, you shouldn’t leave your cat alone for 5 day and our automatic feeders are not designed to be a complete replacement for human contact - only as a support for when you can't always be at home.

Most cats love company and like nothing better than curling up on our lap to steal our warmth. Very few cats are happy on their own for long periods of time.