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Dog Mate FAQs

Our automatic dog feeders are actually very simple to use. Place the food in the receptacle as required and set the timer for a schedule that suits you and your dog.

When the timer triggers, the feeder will release a set amount of food or uncover the portion section depending on what model you have. The dog can then access the food whenever they like.

Some Dog Mate dog feeders can handle wet food, some can handle wet and dry food. For example, the Three-meal Automatic Pet Feeder has a rotating bowl with an ice section to keep wet food cool and edible during the day.

Other feeders like the Multi-meal Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder with Digital Timer are designed for dry food only.

We have several pet fountains with different capacities. Our smallest is a 2 litre fountain, ideal for cats or small dogs. Capacities increase to include 3 litre and 6 litre fountains.

Dog Mate dog doors are easy to fit as long as you have the right tools. Fitting them to wooden or UPVC doors will require careful measuring and cutting but is a very straightforward process. As long as you place the door low enough for the dog to pass through easily, it’s simple.

If you have a glass door, you will need either a new panel or a glazier to cut the hole. Most doors use toughened glass and cutting that is either not possible or a specialised job.

Closer Pets is the brand that owns Dog Mate. We started off creating these innovative pet products under several different names, Pet Mate, Cat Mate, Dog Mate and Fish Mate.

Rather than manage each brand individually, we thought it would be easier to use a single name that closely reflected our passion for pets.

Dog Mate pet fountains do filter the water. Most tap water in the UK is perfectly safe to drink but not all pets like the chemical taste our water system uses. Filtering the water before dispensing it removes some of that taste and makes it more palatable to the pet.

We also sell filter refill packs and accessories for our pet fountains so you can always depend on your fountain.