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Closer Pets MiBowl Automatic Selective Microchip Pet Feeder (CP500)Closer Pets MiBowl Automatic Selective Microchip Pet Feeder (CP500)

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Microchip Cat Feeders FAQs

Yes, microchip pet feeders are safe for cats. They are designed specifically for them. They sit flat on the floor, the bowl is at the right height for most cats and positioned so all feet remain on the floor. It’s a very safe way to feed cats on a schedule if you’re not around to monitor mealtimes.

Microchip cat feeders are worth it if you have multiple cats or one cat that likes to help themselves to other’s dinner! It’s a safe, reliable way to maintain harmony at mealtimes and ensure everyone gets their fair share.

Dispense dry or wet food on a schedule while ensuring each cat gets their own dinner without the fear of it being stolen. Perfect for homes with multiple cats!

A microchip cat feeder works like a standard automatic feeder with the added advantage of being locked to a specific chip. The feeder window will only open when it detects that specific chip so each cat can enjoy their own dinner in peace without it being stolen. If you have multiple cats who like to help themselves to each other’s dinner, a microchip cat feeder is the answer!

You can train a cat to use a microchip feeder by introducing it slowly. Open the package and leave it on the floor for them to explore. Put some food in the feeder bowl and leave it open on the floor so they associate it with dinner.Next time, place the feeder bowl next to the feeder, then inside the feeder, and work gradually until your cat is happy putting their head into the feeder to enjoy their dinner.

There are only two ways to stop cats from eating each other’s food. One is to monitor mealtimes and intercede when you see one cat moving toward another’s bowl. Fine if you’re home all the time, not so good if you have a busy schedule. The other way is to use a microchip pet feeder. Each cat gets their own feeder that will only open for their unique microchip. The feeder is fully automatic, so you don’t even have to be there to keep the peace!