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Fish Feeders FAQs

Fish feeders use a dispensing mechanism to deliver food on a schedule. They include a food storage mechanism where you place the fish food and a dispenser that collects a set amount of food and releases it into the pond.

Most fish feeders use a battery operated clock to control portioning so your fish get regular feeds when they expect it.

Fish feeders can help prevent overfeeding. As you likely know, overfeeding fish can impact their health and should be avoided wherever possible. Many fish feeders will have a variable portion dispenser where you can set the exact portion you want to dispense.

As long as you know the ideal portion for your fish, it can be set accordingly and should go a long way to preventing overfeeding.

Our fish feeders can dispense fish flakes, pellets and sticks depending on the model you choose. They should be fully compatible with most leading brands of fish food.

Much will depend on the model of fish feeder you choose. Our 7-litre Automatic Pond Fish Feeder has a large food dispenser and a digital program that can continue dispensing food until it runs out.

Our 14-feed and 21-feed Automatic Aquarium Fish feeders can dispense food for 14 days and 21 days respectively. Plenty of time for most holidays!

You would typically install a fish feeder beside or above your pond. As long as it’s level and the dispenser is over the water so the fish get their food, you can install them however you like.

The models we stock at Closer Pets can be installed on a pole at the water’s edge, suspended over the pond or placed at the edge of the pond. As long as the food can freely enter the water when dispensed, you can choose the method that suits you.

All the fish feeders sold by Closer Pets are powered by batteries. Battery life varies but can be up to 6-9 months. As long as you keep them topped up with food and free of debris, they can provide reliable feeding for your fish permanently or just while you’re away.

Yes, they are! All our fish feeders are weatherproof to protect the food and the timer mechanism. They have been designed to survive the worth the British weather can throw at them and come out the other side.

They won’t work underwater or if they fall into the pond but they can survive the British weather no problem!