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Pond Pumps FAQs

Pond pumps are the perfect partner to your pond filter. The pump circulates the water around the pond, oxygenates it and feeds the filter so it has a fresh supply of water to clean.

Pumps help ensure that clean water is spread around the pond and a steady supply of water to be cleaned is provided to the pond filter.

There are also water pumps for fountains that provide a decorative element to a pond.

Some pond pumps can perform a dual purpose, circulating water around the pond while also feeding a decorative fountain.

Some pond pumps are designed to feed fountains while others are designed purely to circulate water. Water pumps for fountains are higher pressure, low flow rate pumps.

Pond pumps for filtering are lower pressure, higher flow rate to help circulate the water.

Some water pumps for fountains can also feed filters. This should be mentioned in the product description if this is the case.

The pond pump you use depends entirely on the size of the pond and flow rate of any pond filter you’re using.

For example, if your pond is 2m x 3m and 1.5m deep, the volume is 9m3 or 9000 litres. In this situation we would recommend a pond pump capable of handling at least 10,000 litres.

You’re much better off slightly over-specifying your pump so you don’t put it under stress than buying a smaller pump that will be constantly running at 100%.

Yes, they do! All pond pumps at Closer Pets are mains powered so will need a connection. All pumps come with a power cable to make it easy to connect to the mains.

The pump will also need connecting to the filter or fountain depending on its intended use. This can be a simple proximity placement or more directly connected. Again, much depends on your setup.

All our pond pumps and filters come with installation guides to help you on your way.

Pond pumps will need basic maintenance as part of your regular pond care routine. The pump itself requires no maintenance but the filter may need cleaning or clearing. It’s worth listening to the pump while it’s working to check bearings and the motor are working normally.

Other than that, as long as the pump has power, unfettered access to water and no debris in the filter, it’s good to go!

Ideally, pond pumps should be placed off the base of the pond to avoid most debris. They should be placed where it can circulate the oxygenated and cleaned water as far as possible and draw in water from across as much of the pond as possible.

All pumps come with full fitting instructions and suggestions on positioning.