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Automatic Cat Feeder FAQs

Our cat feeders are automatic thanks to a timer and dispenser system. Our cat feeders come with compartments for wet or dry food and a digital or analogue timer. Fill the compartments, set the timer for your cat’s usual meal times and go about your business.

When the timer allows, the food compartment will open, allowing your cat to enjoy it’s dinner. Feeders with multiple compartments will open in turn depending on the schedule you set with the timer.

Some of our automatic cat feeders can dispense wet food as well as dry. Our range of one, two, three and five meal dispensers come with close fitting lids to keep food safe from flies and hungry cats until it’s time to eat.

Larger cat feeders will also come with ice packs to keep wet food fresh during the day.

Even though these automatic cat feeders can dispense wet food, we recommend using dry food wherever possible. It is cleaner, easier to work with and won’t spoil in the heat.

A cat feeder with timer can dispense between one to five meals. Our Multi-meal Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C3000) can dispense more but only dry food.

Other cat feeders with timers are available in one, two, three and five meal configurations. Simply choose the model that best fits yours, and your cat’s needs.

Our automatic cat feeders do not need mains electricity. They are purely battery powered.

Each feeder uses replaceable batteries to power the timer and door opener. Depending on the feeder and batteries used, they should last between 1-3 years. We would recommend testing them before you go away for any length of time though, just in case!

Yes, we do sell cat food dispenser spares. As we manufacture these products, we have a ready supply of spares and accessories for each model.

We have designed our cat food dispensers to be as reliable as possible but can appreciate that anything with moving parts will break at some point. That’s why we stock the most critical spares for most cat food dispensers.

We wouldn’t want your cat going hungry now, would we?

The amount of food our automatic cat feeders dispense depends on the model you buy.

For example, the One-meal Automatic Pet Feeder (C100) can dispense up to 400g of food per portion while the Five-meal Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C500) can dispense up to 330g of food per portion.

The Multi-meal Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C3000) can store and dispense up to 3kg of dry food in 10g portions.

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