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Pressurised Pond Filter FAQs

Pressurised filters from Fish Mate are very good. They are essential to the health and wellbeing of any pond and do an amazing job at keeping water clean and free of algae and bacteria. You can clean pond water naturally using plants and fish but nothing comes close to the cleaning power of a pond filter.

A pressurised pond filter works in conjunction with a pond pump. The pump pushes water into the filter under pressure. It then passes through the biological filter and then the UV filter before exiting the filter still under pressure.

This combination ensures the filters are continually cleaning the water and that clean water is dispersed throughout the pond.

Cleaning a pressurised pond filter is very straightforward. Turn off the system, disconnect the filter from the pump, remove the insides of the filter and clean them thoroughly. Clean the interior of the pump and rinse everything thoroughly. Clean the filter and/or replace, if necessary, make sure the UV lamp is still working and replace if required.

Then simply put everything back together and return it into position. The filter is a simple device with few moving parts so maintenance should be quick and simple.

You should clean a pressurised pond filter once or twice per year. Much depends on the size of your pond and what’s living in it, but that should be enough. Make it part of your regular pond maintenance routine to make sure you don’t miss cleaning it.

A pressurised pond filter will still clean water when dirty but won’t be as effective. You’ll know when it’s time to clean it when your pond water begins turning green. Then it’s time to clean!

Technically, you can over filter a pond but the good news is, it won’t harm your fish or pond life. Very clean water won’t hurt the life in your pond but you may be wasting money on a filter that’s too large.

We recommend using the right size filter for the size of the pond and number of fish and life you have in that pond. If you need help sizing a pressurised pond filter, we would be happy to help.

You may still need a pressurised pond filter even if you have a waterfall or fountain. A waterfall or fountain helps keep the water full of oxygen but it doesn’t clean the water. It can help minimise algae growth by keeping the water moving and preventing gathering but the algae bacteria will still be present.

That’s why we still recommend a pressurised pond filter even if you have a water feature.