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Automatic Feeder for Dog FAQs

Most of our automatic feeders for dogs work using a simple timer and a selection of accessible trays. As the timer hits the schedule, an individual tray opens, making the food available. The dog will smell the food and come and eat it.

Depending on the model of feeder you buy, you can schedule between one and five meals this way.

Our Multi-meal Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder dispenses dry food and is capable of serving more than five meals depending on the size and appetite of your dog!

Our automatic feeders for dogs are powered by batteries. No mains connection required. As the batteries just power the timer and the catch to open the food tray, a single set of batteries can last between 1-3 years.

We recommend testing the batteries regularly though just to make sure your dog doesn’t go hungry!

All Closer Pets’ timed dog feeders have been designed to be as tamper proof as possible. It would be very difficult indeed for a dog to be able to get to the food when the tray isn’t open.

If the dog doesn’t get to the food on schedule, the compartment will remain accessible until the next meal timer goes off. Then a new food compartment will become available.

Closer Pets sells all the spares and accessories you could need for our dog auto feeders. As the manufacturer of these products, we make sure to have spares on hand in case you need them.

Our dog auto feeders are designed to be tough and reliable but we have most spares for most types of feeders available to buy.

Automatic feeders for dogs can definitely dispense wet food as well as dry. Many of our feeders are available with ice packs to keep food fresh during the day and can work with wet food or dry food.

For example, the Five-meal Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C500) has a close fitting lid and ice packs to keep food safe.

The Multi-meal Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C3000) is for dry food only but has a similar digital timer and dispenser to keep dogs fed with up to 3kg kibble or similar dry food.

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