Cat Mate Five-meal Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C500)

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Brilliant feeder

I bought this automatic feeder to feed by cat fir when we go away. She isn't bothered by this as she does have to automatic dry food feeder. I was a bit skeptable at first as I tried it out last night and she normally has 3 sachets of wet food a day. So set the timer for 5am, 1pm and 8pm. As I only had the feeder delivered that afternoon. The 8pm timer opened but I thought the 5am didn't. It's only when I opened it open that it did indeed work as she had eaten all of the 1am section of tray. So yes very pleased with this. Now we can book short notice holidays if we want but we especially bought this to go away for long weekends away with no hassle for our cat. But for a week away, I have bought an extra 5 bowl bit and extra Ice packs so when someone does come over they only really need to pop round for the once in the week as my cat would cope with two sachets in each section as the section are big . So that person would only need to replace the ice packs plus putting the other bowl container in and that's all. No need to set the timer as that is already done.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for leaving us a positive review.

I'm thrilled to hear that you're happy with your new feeder and are now able to go on short breaks without worrying about your precious kitty missing a meal. The digital timer is very accurate, so you can be safe in the knowledge that food will be delivered at your chosen times.

Best wishes,

Annika Neubauer
Five-meal Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C500)

We are super happy.
Serves up to five meals, our cats can't break into it (they managed to open other automats) and on top it's easy to clean.

Janine Kerr
Five-meal Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer (C500)

I have 5 of the Catmate C500 feeders. My cat is a gulper and fast eater that needs to be slowed down. She also has IBS. This feeder lets me give her just the right amount of food and spread her feedings out. I was so glad to find this feeder I just wish they had not gone up in price.

Seems to work ok

I feed raw, so the cooling could be better if I wanted to use this for more than one meal.

Thank. God.

I have 2 siamese cats. And if you've ever had a siamese cat you know that they will do ANYTHING to get what they want... including but not limited to slamming doors, meowing, hitting blinds, knocking off everything on the counter, attacking your feet, running over your face... all to get fed. The first week my husband blacklisted me for yet another expensive Amazon purchase that did not work. But after tweaking feeding times, portions, and routine the husband agreed to pay for half. This feeder is THE answer to getting your sanity back. Highly recommend.

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