Closer Pets attend the London Vet Show 2023

We were thrilled to attend the London Vet Show this month! On 16th and 17th November, the Closer Pets team headed to ExCeL London for a two-day event all about helping those in the veterinary industry become the best practitioners they can be.

The event involved lots of networking opportunities for vets, plus a range of practical and educational content to support their day-to-day work. And there was even the chance for pet care brands – like us! – to chat with industry professionals, too. It was brilliant to connect with fellow professionals who share our passion and commitment to championing the highest standards of pet care.


We were able to talk to lots of attendees and showcase how our MiBowl microchip feeder can support pet health and well-being. We were thrilled by the positive response MiBowl received from the vet community and are excited about future partnerships between Closer Pets and veterinary professionals (watch this space!).




MiBowl uses leading microchip technology to detect a paired pet’s unique microchip and grant them exclusive access to their next meal, making it the perfect solution for owners with multiple pets where one steals another's food, pets who require weight management, or those with special dietary needs.

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MiBowl therefore helps to support a calm and easy daily feeding routine for your pet, eliminating common owner concerns about their pets overeating or having access to medicated food they shouldn’t eat.

MiBowl can also help tackle pet obesity – a very common issue faced by many vets and owners alike. Using MiBowl means only one pet has access to a specific meal at any given time. So, whether the aim is to regulate the amount of food consumed or ensure that the correct pet has access to the right medicated food, MiBowl can help.

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