Finding support for your pet when you’re feeling under the weather

Making that forever bond with your pet is one of the most joyful parts of pet ownership. Whether you share your home with a perfect pup, curious kitty or aquatic animals, caring for your pet means not only providing them with a safe and healthy home environment, but also making sure they spend lots of time playing, eating their favourite treats and getting tummy tickles (not just the fish…).

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While we know it can take quite some time, the dedication from pet owners to caring for their pets is truly admirable! It’s because of this dedication, and the special bond created, that we know how devastating it can be when pet owners are unwell and have to spend time away from their animal companions. Luckily, caring for your pet when you’ve fallen ill doesn’t have to be a one-person job.


What happens to my pet if I fall ill?

Though this time apart can be difficult, it’s important to remember that you can only do your best! If a friend or family member isn’t able to take them in, did you know that there are systems in place to help? As recently shared in an article from the Daily Mail, local councils must care for pets if their owner becomes ill. This is thanks to the Care Act, which protects pets and makes sure they’re adequately cared for while their owners are poorly and work to overcome their illness.

And whether you’re ill and need that extra helping hand, or have to send your pet away to be looked after whilst you recover, Closer Pets has a range of pet products available to keep pets fed and healthy.


How can Closer Pets help make things easier?

MiBowl™ Automatic Microchip Pet Feeder (CP500)

The brand-new MiBowl pet feeder is the perfect solution if you have a single or multi-pet household – and especially if one of your furry friends has special dietary requirements or a habit of stealing their sibling’s food! Owners can pre-program the microchip-activated feeder to recognise up to 10 pets’ unique microchips so that they can access food whenever they need it – particularly helpful when owners aren’t home. What’s more, the sealed unit keeps wet food fresh and MiBowl comes with removable portion-protecting clips which are ideal for kitties, pups or smaller pets.


14-feed Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder (F14)

This versatile fish feeder can be mounted on any aquarium – place it on the aquarium hood, a condensation tray or the glass edge of the aquarium – and automatically dish up one to four meals per day. It’s the perfect tool if you’re worried about feeding times becoming irregular, as this fish feeder can serve up to 14 individual meals in total over several days!

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Three-level Two-litre Pet Fountain – White (CP 335)

Staying hydrated is key, for pets and humans alike. This three-level pet fountain helps keep water moving, attracting your pet to the flowing water and providing them with a healthy dose of H2O. With a two-litre capacity, this fountain will provide pets with a great source of drinking water, while the constant movement ensures the water naturally oxygenated and stays fresh.


Elite Microchip Cat Flap with Timer Control – White (355W)

Ensure your cat can access the great outdoors and still come home when desired while you’re out of the house with our Elite Microchip Cat Flap with Timer Control. It allows pets to come and go as they please – within your pre-set time limits of course. This is a great way to ensure your moggy stays inside at night or, if in a new environment, inside at all times until they become familiar with the new territory.

This cat flap utilises microchip technology to allow entry to only pre-programmed cats, which is especially useful now that microchipping your cat is now compulsory, as well as your dog.

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Dog Doors

We also have a range of dog doors available here at Closer Pets – choose from small, medium or large, and white or brown (brown available in medium and large only) to find the perfect dog door for you. With a dog door, your four-legged friends are free to come and go as they please, giving them stress-free access to the outdoors whenever they need fresh air, without interrupting their host! And even better – you can lock the dog door at night to keep them safe inside.

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There’s a lot of information available online about how to care for pets if you’re ill, and many websites that can signpost you to services offering more help and support. As always, if you have any concerns about your pet’s health or any questions about how to provide the best care possible, visit your vet for personalised advice.