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Waterfall Pond Pump FAQs

Using a pond pump to power a waterfall depends entirely on how it is set up. Used in a standard configuration, the pump will circulate and oxygenate the water around your pond normally.

Attach the pump to a waterfall and it can power your water feature while providing the same oxygenation benefits.

A waterfall pond pump should provide higher pressure and a lower flow rate than a standard pond pump. This ensures the waterfall looks the part and provides oxygen to the water without using too much of that water.

For example, the 700 litre pond pump is ideal for fountains as it provides high pressure but lower throughput than other pumps. If a pond pump can be used for waterfalls, it will say so in the description.

The size of pond pump you require for a waterfall depends on your pond and the configuration. If it is the only pump in the pond, you will need to calculate the volume and ensure the pump is capable of high enough pressure to power the waterfall.

For example, if your pond is 2m x 3m and 1.5m deep, the volume is 9m3 or 9000 litres. In this situation we would recommend a pond pump capable of handling at least 10,000 litres.

Pond pumps require a mains connection to power the pump. If you’re using it as a waterfall pond pump, you will also need to connect it to the fountain.

Each pump comes with a power cable to enable you to connect it to the mains. If you’re connecting the pump to a filter or fountain, you’ll need to plumb the two together using hose.

All pond pumps sold by Closer Pets come with a full installation guide to help you get set up.

You will need to maintain your waterfall pond pump but the requirement is minimal.

You can build maintenance into your existing pond care routine. Clean the filter regularly and ensure the pump inlet is free and clear of debris. Listen to the pump while it’s working to make sure there are no strange sounds from the bearings or motor.

That’s it! As long as water can freely flow in and out of the pump, that’s all the maintenance it needs.

Waterfall pumps do not use much electricity. We have specifically designed all our pumps to be as efficient as possible and cost as little to run as possible.

For example, our 700 litre waterfall pump is rated at just 9 watts while the much larger 9,000 litre pond pump is rated at a mere 85 watts. How much that costs to run depends entirely on how much you pay for your electricity.