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Cat Mate Filter FAQs

Cat Mate filters are activated carbon filters that use a 3-stage filtration system to keep water clean. The first filter traps dirt, fur and other contaminants. The second stage uses ion exchange to remove limescale and other minerals. The third stage uses activated carbon to remove chlorine and unpalatable odours and tastes from the water.

Humans are accustomed to the taste of tap water but animals are not. They are much more sensitive to tastes and smells than we are, which is why some won’t drink from their bowl even when we change it regularly.

Filtering removes much of the chemical taste and smell we are so used to so it’s more palatable for cats. As we all know, cats are fussy creatures and filtering the water is a simple way to ensure they get what they need.

You don’t have to use a cat water fountain but your cat will probably appreciate it if you do. Tap water is fine for humans as we’re used to the taste. Animals have much more sensitive senses of smell and taste than we do and naturally prefer running water.

It’s a nature thing. Running water means fresh water, so it’s instinctive for animals to want running water. That’s exactly what a cat fountain gives them.

The time your cat fountain water filter will last depends on the type of water where you live. On average, we recommend changing the filter once a month. This keeps the filter fresh so it can keep the water clean and your car hydrated.

You may find you need to change the filter more often. Keep an eye on it regularly and monitor how much dirt is on the outside. If it gets dirty quickly, change it more often.

The filter you need depends on the type of cat water fountain you have and the type of water in your area. Closer Pets stocks hard water filters and soft water filters.

Check the product description for each cat water fountain filter and it will tell you which type of fountain it is suitable for and the water type.

Yes, these cat water fountain filters will always be available. We manufacture them ourselves to support our cat fountains. As long as we sell cat fountains, we’ll keep making filters.