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Fish Mate 2500 GUV Gravity Pond Filter (226C)
Fish Mate 5000 GBIO Gravity Pond Filter (228)

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Gravity Pond Filter FAQs

A pond gravity filter is actually a very simple device. The pond pump pushes water into the top of the filter and gravity slowly pulls the water downwards, through the filtration layers and out the bottom. By using dual filtration, usually UV and biological, the filter offers twice the cleaning power within a single filter.

Yes, you can have a healthy pond without a filter. You’ll have to be careful about the fish you have in it and the plants you want to establish, but it is entirely possible. The main benefit of a gravity pond filter is that you can have it running in the background and not have to worry about fish, plants, waste and clean water.

Any Fish Mate gravity pond filter will work in a wide range of situations. The only real consideration is size. We tend to recommend a filter capable of 1.5x the water volume of your pond to be able to cope with cleaning without putting it under too much pressure.

Whether you choose a pond gravity filter or a pressurised filter is entirely up to you as they both do the same job.

No, gravity pond filters do not need much maintenance. That’s one of the strengths of this type of filter. Clean and maintain it as part of your usual pond maintenance routine and that should be enough.

You should only need to clean a gravity pond filter once or twice per year. Clean the filter and tank, replace the filter(s) when necessary and replace. That’s it!

The filter sponge should only need to be replaced rarely. You can remove debris and clean the sponge when you clean the filter. It should only need replacing when it gets worn out or is damaged.

We designed the filter sponge to be user changeable and sell replacements in our store.

You should change the UV lamp once per year. They may last longer but we find many pond owners prefer to clean, service and maintain their filter once a year as part of their routine. Therefore, it makes sense to change the lamp while you’re cleaning the filter and sponge.

We sell replacement UV lamps for all Fish Mate filters in our store.