Dog Mate Large Two-level Six-litre Pet Fountain – White (385)

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Plug: UK
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  • Multi-height drinking stations
  • Ramp reduces water splashing
  • P.S. (Isolated Pump System) for super-quiet operation
  • 3-stage filtration ensures healthy drinking water for your pet and helps prevent harmful scaling deposits (replacement cartridges available below). We recommend you change the filter and clean the pump monthly
  • Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-proof bowls.
  • Low-voltage power supply with 3m (10’) lead
  • 3-year guarantee on fountain. Pump guaranteed for 12 months.

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Customer Reviews

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Graham Stretch.
Dog Mate Large two level six litre pet fountain.

Full disclosure I received this as a gift from closer pets.
I have had this several months now.
This is a well made easy to assemble unit, the pump is whisper quiet if you keep the water level up, their minimum mark is an absolute minimum below which the pump could draw air which may shorten the life of the pump, for best use keep the level well above this.
It didn’t take any effort to have the dog swap from her normal bowl to this and the cat even likes to drink from this fountain.
Our dog seems to be able to get whole kibble in the fountain and the filter system does a good job of removing these. The replacement filters are reasonably priced too.
We live in a very hard water area and any limescale that does present itself comes off the plastic really easily and the included cleaning brush ensures easy cleaning of the small tube to the upper level.
It is a bit awkward to clean as it pretty much fills a standard kitchen sink and it has a lot of shape to the moulding making cleaning the underside a bit awkward, I have taken to washing it with the shower!

Hi Graham,

Thanks so much for this detailed review and I'm pleased that you and your pets are happy with your new fountain! The fountains filter is specifically designed to remove things like food, fur and other nasties - so it's great to hear it's doing the job for you. As for cleaning, the bowls are actually dishwasher-safe so you can simply put them in for a thorough clean without needing to scrub them by hand in the sink (or shower!).

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

G. Andy Mather
Great product.

I've had three of these. The moteor quits after a couple years, but They aren't expensive.

Third time is the charm

I had purchased 2 other fountains for our cat, and both ended in the garbage. Loud, too hard to clean, etc.We then rescued a new dog and I got this fountain. Serendipity. The princess cat drinks from the top, the prince dog drinks from the bottom, I wash it by hand, my son puts it thru the dish washer, and IT NEVER KEEPS DAD AWAKE ! It is nearly silent, and I have it on a plastic mat. We change the filter once a month, and buy them in a multi-pack.I highly recommend this fountain. Animals expect the water they drink to move, like in a stream. I believe both pets drink more since I have this fountain. Make the investment if you love your fur baby.

Sandra Kovach
Perfect for multiple pets!

I have multiple pets. They love this large fountain.

Kim Zacharias
My dog loves it. Cool water fresh

So quiet clean fresh water for my dog. Easy to clean. Assembly is very easy

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