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Automatic Cat Feeders for Two Cats FAQs

Yes, automatic feeders for cats are good. They’re great for keeping your cat’s feeding schedule when you’re not home, feeding more than one cat at a time, and for stopping one cat from pinching another’s dinner. It’s amazing how such a simple concept can improve the lives of our four-legged friends so much! We all know cats are creatures of habit. This presents a challenge whenever you want to go out for the day or need to work away from home. Automatic feeders for cats are the answer. They work on a timer and provide fresh food on your kitty’s schedule while you go about your day.

You can leave a cat alone with an automatic feeder for as long as there is food and fresh water available. Automatic cat feeders come in different sizes, so the time you can leave a cat alone with a feeder depends on how many meals it can dispense. As long as your cat has access to fresh water, you can leave them for a couple of days if you need to. Just check the batteries and make sure everything is working properly before you leave.

You can feed multiple cats while away from home with an automatic cat feeder. Use either an automatic feeder for two cats or provide a feeder for each cat. So if you fancy an evening out, you can do so without any feelings of guilt, knowing your beloved pet will be fed on time.

Cat behaviourists tell us cats don’t like having their food and water next to each other because that’s not how it happens in the wild. In an ideal world, food and water would be in different places. However, most cats don’t mind if their automatic cat feeder is close to their water fountain or water bowl.

Here at Closer Pets, our range of automatic cat feeders can cater to up to 10 cats. These modern food dispensers come in an array of sizes and are suitable for different types of food. You and your feline friends will wonder how you ever managed meals without them!

Yes, you can leave two cats alone for a weekend with an automatic cat feeder. Leave out plenty of fresh water and set up an automatic feeder for two cats or give them their own feeder each.

By serving up consistent portions of food at regular intervals, automatic pet feeders give you the flexibility to go away for a night or a weekend without putting your closest companion through the stress of a night at a cattery.