A group of koi fish swimming in a garden pond

A pond is a wonderful way of creating a focal point for the garden and adding some life to your outdoor space! But to keep it in pristine condition, you’ll need the right pond filter. With the variety of options available, choosing the best pond filter can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of pond filters and help you find the perfect one for your garden pond. 

How to choose the best pond filter

Selecting the right pond filter is crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant pond ecosystem. In order to choose the best pond filter for your garden pond, consider factors like your pond size, filtration type and specific features you want it to have.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the best pond filter type. All pond filters are designed to clean the water and remove waste produced by your fish or debris from your plants. 

Mechanical filters help to clear water by trapping larger debris, biological filters improve water quality by removing pollutants, and UV filters sterilise the water to remove algae and bacteria. A combination of UV and bio pond filters offers a dual cleaning action, contributing to a robust pond ecosystem with numerous benefits. The use of ultraviolet light also combats algae and bacteria to preserve the water quality of your pond. Closer Pets’ Gravity Pond Filters offer a comprehensive solution with dual filtration, often combining UV and biological filtration for crystal-clear water.

While it’s possible to over-filter a pond, rest assured that it won’t harm your fish or plants. The primary downside to this is energy wastage and potentially using a more expensive pond filter than necessary.

The best pond filter for a small pond

For smaller ponds, like those hosting goldfish or minnows, the Fish Mate 2500 GUV Gravity Pond Filter from Closer Pets is an excellent choice. 

This compact marvel caters to pond volumes of 625–2,500 litres, ensuring efficient filtration without overpowering your small pond. Remember, not all fish are created equal – smaller ponds are ideal for smaller species, unlike koi, which demand more water volume and space.

The best pressurised pond filter

Pressurised pond filters maintain optimal water pressure, making them ideal for waterfalls and streams. They’re versatile, easy to conceal and ensure your pond remains fresh and clean. The best pressurised pond filters can be used above or below the water and provide reliable cleaning every hour of the day.

If your pond has a waterfall or fountain, a pressurised pond filter can be a great addition. While these waterfall features help to oxygenate the water, they don’t actively clean it. A pressurised filter goes the extra mile by preventing algae growth and eliminating bacteria, ensuring your pond and fish stay healthy. 

The best pond filter with UV light

Adding UV light to your pond filter system is a game-changer for combating algae and achieving that crystal-clear water that our fish love. 

UV pond filters, sometimes called UV water clarifiers, target algae and bacteria within the water through a gentle and non-invasive filtration process without impacting the pH, fish or plants. Selecting the right wattage for your pond size is recommended for optimal running costs when choosing the best pond filter with UV light, although there’s no risk of overdoing the UV filtration.

Which is the best pond filtration system?

Pond filtration systems employ dual filtration, often combining UV and biological filtration for twice the cleaning power with a single filter.

Gravity pond filters are an excellent option when looking at pond filtration systems, as they use a powerful three-stage mechanical and biological filtration for optimal water quality and healthier fish. They’re even coloured green to blend in with natural surroundings, keeping your pond area looking wonderful.

The best pond pump and filter

For ultimate convenience, consider a pond pump and filter bundle, such as those offered at Closer Pets for smaller or larger ponds. These bundles simplify the buying process by providing a pond pump and filter, as well as other components needed for full installation, such as a flexible hose and clamps.

The best pond pump and filter bundle provides a full, easy-to-install kit that takes all the hassle out of buying pond filters and pumps, as we know it can get confusing!

Finding the best pond filter for your garden pond is an easier decision once you consider your pond size, your fish and the specific needs and purpose of your pond filter.