Tall tails: Debunking 5 spooky superstitions about cats and dogs

Spooky season is here. And as well as those time-honoured traditions of trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, it’s also a time when myths and legends come to the fore.

There are plenty of spooky superstitions associated with our beloved pets, and although most of them are a bit of fun, there are some you don’t want to get wrong! So, we’re here to set the record straight.

Grab your broomstick and black cat (or dog), and let’s dive into the world of Halloween pet myths…


  1. A close (fluffy) encounter

Myth: A black cat crossing your path will bring ill fortune.

Reality: We’ve all found ourselves questioning their choice of movements from time to time – from squeezing into small spaces to sliding across kitchen counters to sneak some food. And while simply walking seems quite innocuous by comparison, some people believe that a black kitty crossing your path is bad luck.

Of course, this is purely feline ‘fake news’, and cats of all fur colours bring love, joy and companionship to their owners. So perhaps this is one spooky myth that needs to be confined to the history books!

What’s more, cats are free-roaming by their very nature. So this Halloween, why not gift them the freedom to explore with our range of multi-way, lockable cat flaps?


2: A spooky sixth sense

Myth: Dogs can see ghosts.

Reality: While it’s true that dogs have incredible senses – particularly their sense of smell – there's no scientific evidence that they can sense paranormal activity. While we can’t deny it’s a bit creepy (especially at night!), most of the time your pup barks at something “unseen”, it’s most likely a response to an unusual noise or smell.


  1. Pawprints or hocus pocus?

Myth: Cats are witches in disguise.

Reality: In the 1700s, some people believed that witches could shape-shift into cats and would do so to prowl through their neighbours’ homes to spy on them and bring back information to the devil.

OK, so this one seems unlikely, especially when history and cultures paint cats as being protectors and companions to humans. But if you do want to keep any unwanted visitors out, try our microchip cat flaps.


  1. A whiff of a lie?

Myth: Stepping in dog poo with your left foot is good luck.

Reality: While we can’t argue with the logic that standing in doggy doo with your right foot is bad luck, we’re hard-pushed to make a case for a messy leftie being a good omen. This particular myth comes courtesy of France, and to those who choose to believe it, we say: Bonne chance!

Whichever foot you lead with, fear not – keep a pack of our Pet Wipes close at hand and everything can be cleaned up in a flash.


  1. A bad gut-feeling

Myth: Leave a saucer of milk on your doorstep and you’ll be blessed by the fairy cat.

Reality: On the night of Samhain (a Celtic festival similar to Halloween), if you left this dairy delight out for the fairy cat, your home would be blessed. If not, your house would be cursed and your cow’s milk would dry up!

A surprising number of people don’t know that most cats are lactose-intolerant. While not all cats will get poorly from drinking milk, it’s not worth the risk. Instead, use a cat drinking fountain to provide naturally oxygenated and tasty water throughout the day.


‘Creeping’ it real this Halloween

Halloween is time for fun, treats and spooky stories. However, we should be mindful of the myths that can sometimes surround our pets – especially those black cat superstitions!

What’s more, it’s important to keep an extra eye on your furry friends during this time of Halloween traditions. Remember that most candy is harmful to them and some pets may feel uncomfortable or stressed when dressed in costumes.

At Closer Pets, we’re committed to ‘keeping it real’ – making sure we have our facts straight and creating smart pet products focused on the health and well-being of our little loved ones.

So, this Halloween, embrace the joy of having cats and dogs in your life and enjoy the celebrations with your loving companions. After all, they’re the best treat of all!