9 ways to have fun with your dog this autumn

Looking for some fun and simple ways to have fun with your paw-tner in crime this autumn? Well, it just so happens that this cosy season is home to National Dog Week – and we have plenty of ideas of ways you can celebrate with your pup!

Dog Week is celebrated internationally during the last week of September. It’s thought to have been established nearly 100 years ago in 1928 by Captain William Judy, a dog owner and publisher of Dog World Magazine.  We like the sound of him, already!

With the initial aim of encouraging people to spend time and money on looking after dogs during uncertain economic times, nowadays it’s mainly an excellent excuse to show some extra love to our canine companions.

While your dog might not be welcome in a restaurant for a celebratory meal this week, there are still plenty of ways to have fun with your pet! Read on for our favourite ways to spend time with your precious pup this autumn and celebrate National Dog Week in style.


  1. A pup-kin patch adventure

Embrace the autumnal spirit with a visit to a local pumpkin patch! Let your furry friend explore the vibrant array of pumpkins while you capture adorable moments amid the orange backdrop. To make it even more special, let them choose their very own pumpkin. Benefits? The outing stimulates their senses and provides mental enrichment – plus, it’s a perfect photo-op for cherished memories!

  1. Ruff-and-tumble leaf pile fun

Gather up a pile of autumn leaves in your garden and let the playtime commence! Your dog will relish diving in, burying treasures and chasing the leaves as they flutter. This lively activity promotes exercise and enhances their agility.

  1. Tail-wagging trail hike

Explore the changing colours of the season on a nature ramble. Choose a dog-friendly trail and embark on an adventure filled with new scents and sights. Remember to bring water and snacks for both you and your pup. Hiking not only keeps your dog physically fit, but also provides a refreshing change of environment that benefits their mental well-being.

  1. Doggie DIY costumes

Get creative and host a canine costume party! Craft a fun and comfortable costume for your dog and invite some friends over for a celebration. Document the day with a photoshoot and let the laughter flow. This activity encourages socialisation and builds confidence in your pet – so get ready for some new friends, for you and your doggo.

  1. Tasty treat baking

Spend a cosy afternoon in the kitchen baking delicious homemade dog treats using autumn-inspired ingredients like pumpkin, apple or sweet potato. Not only will your pup adore the flavours, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing exactly what goes into their snacks. This activity is a delightful way to bond while providing your dog with wholesome, nutritious treats.

  1. A scenic doggie picnic

Pack a hamper with your pup’s favourite goodies and head to a picturesque park. Find a comfortable spot to relax, play fetch and savour the seasonal surroundings. Picnicking offers a change of scenery and allows you both to bask in the beauty of the season – but don’t forget to wrap up warm!

  1. Canine carnival games

Host your own mini carnival at home with dog-friendly games! Set up a mini agility course, a treat scavenger hunt or a bobbing for toys station. This fun-filled event will keep your dog engaged and active, with plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

  1. Doggie day spa

Spa days aren’t just for humans! Pamper your pup by setting up a cosy space with soothing music and indulging them with a gentle bath, massage and grooming session. This calming activity not only keeps your dog clean and healthy, but gives you an opportunity to spend some real quality time together!

  1. Howl-o-ween parade

Join or organise a local Howl-o-ween parade! Send out a few leaflets to your neighbours and see if anyone wants to get involved. Then, all that’s left to do is dress up in coordinating costumes with your dog and march alongside fellow dog lovers. It’s a festive way to celebrate the autumn season and showcase your pet’s personality.


Remember to capture these moments to share with family and friends – or even share them on social media to spread the joy of #NationalDogWeek. Have fun!