Your essential guide to dog doors and cat flaps

Just like humans, every pet has their very own personality. Sometimes our pets are quite shy and timid when meeting new people, but they really come out of their shell when they’re around family or best animal friends. Others are loud, friendly and maybe a little crazy – a side which usually comes out at bedtime!

And with their unique personality will also come a specific routine. From their favourite meal to their favourite way to blow off steam, your pet will have a preferred way of doing things that they like to stick to. This will likely include expected mealtimes, a preferred food, a favourite route to walk and even something as small as getting outside to do their business!

That’s why it’s key to provide them with a safe and easy way to get outside, even for something as basic – but important – as getting fresh air whenever they want. When it comes to dog doors and cat flaps, it’s certainly not a case of ‘one size fits all’. You need to consider the size, type and material of your pet door to make sure it suits your pet and your home.

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Cat flaps suitable for cats and small dogs

Microchip cat flaps

Microchip cat flaps are the ideal way to provide your cat with the security and independence they need. If you live in a neighbourhood where there are quite a few cats, you’ll know as well as we do that they often visit each other’s gardens and homes. And as lovely as it is that your pet has someone to explore with, it’s also not always ideal for someone else’s pet to enter your own home.

In this situation, a microchip cat flap may be your solution. This type of cat flap lets your cat’s microchip or the Closer Pets ID Disc on their collar grant them access to your home – alone.

These battery-operated microchip cat flaps are easy to install and can be programmed to let in up to 30 cats with different chips – great if you have more than one pet at home!


Locking cat flaps 

Locking cat flaps provide your cat with the freedom to wander wherever their little heart’s desire while giving you the option to keep out unwelcome visitors, as well as keeping your cat inside or outside while you sleep. If you do want to keep your cat inside or outside at night or keep nosy neighbour cats away, locking cat flaps are great.

Manually locking cat flaps are very easy to use but can take some physical labour to control. They function either by you manually locking it or by utilising a microchip that’s attached to the collar of your cat – the same process as a microchip cat flap.


UPVC door cat flaps 

UPVC doors are the most common door type, so a cat flap made for UPVC doors is really popular. These cat flaps for UPVC doors give the cat the freedom they need to explore the great outdoors and helps to keep noise to a minimum. They also provide weatherproof access, keeping the worst of the weather out while offering your furry feline the chance to come and go as they please.


Glass and patio door cat flaps

Closer Pets offer two cat flaps for glass doors: the Glass Fitting Cat Flap and the Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap. Both are designed with glass doors and patio doors in mind. They’re manufactured from tough polymer and include soft closure for minimal noise when your cat enters and exits.

These cat flaps also feature a four-way locking system for extra security, with in and out, in only, out only or locked options, so you’re always in control of when your cat can and can’t leave the house, particularly at night or in bad weather.


Wall cat flaps

Did you know? Cat flaps don’t always have to go through a door – they can go through walls too! Using one of our wall cat flaps and a wall liner, your cat has the freedom to roam outdoors whenever they fancy – perfect for situations where using the door isn’t possible.

Wall cat flaps can be installed by a competent DIYer or approved installer (more on these below) and offer the flexibility to provide easy access for your cat in situations where a cat door flap isn’t possible.


Pet doors suitable for large dogs

All the advantages of conventional cat flaps are available from large dog doors too! These pet doors are ideal for larger breeds of dogs and cats.

Since the Closer Pets range of large dog flaps are all lockable, you can control when your dog comes and goes, particularly when you want to keep your pet inside safely at night or in bad weather, or when you’re taking them on a trip out of the house. Otherwise, you can leave it open so they can go exploring when they like!


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And view our handy Pet Door Guide to find out which materials the pet doors go through and the pets each door is suited to. Once you’ve chosen your pet door, explore our list of approved installers and get in touch with your chosen installer to fit your new pet door in your home without fuss.


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