5 reasons to install a cat flap or dog door in your home

Looking for a hassle-free way of letting your pet stretch their paws without welcoming in a chilly breeze this autumn? Read on to discover our top reasons why a cat flap or dog door might just be the perfect solution.

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  1. Convenience – for you and them

In, out, in, out? It’s a cat's prerogative to plead with you to let them out, take a few tentative steps and discover the weather isn’t quite as enticing as they first thought (especially in the colder months) and then come meowing to be let in. Likewise for any playful pups who might want to quickly burn off some steam in your garden and then return to their favourite snooze spot.

We love them for it, but imagine the time you could both save if you had a pet door!

It’s an age-old issue. In fact, did you know that Sir Isaac Newton is rumoured to have invented the first cat flap? Well, the first ‘cat holes’ anyway, which he sawed into his office door. But before you add ‘cat liberator’ to his stellar CV, this particular mystery of the universe came about for his own convenience too, as he was reportedly tired of ruining photosensitive experiments by opening the door.



  1. Keep the autumn breeze at bay

Admittedly, extra light coming into the house isn’t a common problem for most owners, but the cold air certainly is. Here at Closer Pets, our modern pet doors not only save you from opening your main door to let your precious pals tend to their essential needs, but all of our cat flaps are brush-sealed for ultimate draught- and weather-resistance. This means our cat flaps don’t let in the autumn chill, helping to keep your energy bills down. Easy, (no) breezy.



  1. Boosting physical and mental health

Pet doors are a window to the world for our closest companions and therefore hold the key to many well-being benefits. After all, they might be small, but cats see themselves as mighty tigers when they take to the great outdoors. A cat flap lets them (and their imagination) run wild – they can let themselves out to play in the garden or lounge in their favourite suntrap, while you can keep them indoors at night.

Easy access to the great outdoors not only means that your cat or dog is encouraged to get their steps in, but being out in the fresh air provides some all-important mental stimulation for your pet.

Dogs, in particular, are then entertained in-between walks, keeping them bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!



  1. When nature calls

Just like we humans, it can be harmful for your pet to hold their bladder on a regular basis, as it increases the risk of urinary tract infections and also heightens anxiety levels. Having the freedom to ‘water’ the plants whenever they need to eliminates this problem.

Plus, not having to think about letting your pet out for loo breaks throughout the day can also provide some light ‘relief’ for you too!


  1. Safe travels

As a loving pet owner, your cat or dog’s safety will undoubtedly be of the utmost importance to you. The colder weather and darker nights mean that tracking your four-legged friends’ comings and goings has never been more important for everyone’s peace of mind. Plus, the lock function is also handy if you need to catch your cat, whether it’s for a dreaded bath or (whisper it) a vet appointment.

What’s more, if your home were to catch fire and your furry companion happened to be alone indoors while you popped out, a pet door addresses this concern. With the right settings, it would safely allow your furry bundle to escape unharmed until help was at hand – without compromising your home security.


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So, if you’re wondering whether a cat flap is necessary for your home, autumn is the perfect time to try out the potential benefits – empowering your pets to get out and about while keeping the heat safely in.

Shop the range: https://closerpets.co.uk/collections/door-range


Wondering which cat flap is best for your home? We have a solution to suit all households, from microchip cat flaps to simple lockable dog doors. They feature a silent action, meaning your four-legged friend’s comings and goings won’t disturb you if you’re working from home or enjoying a catnap of your own!

Our handy Pet Door Guide clearly explains which materials the pet doors go through and the pets each door is suited to. Then, once you’ve found the perfect one, our list of approved installers tells you exactly who you can contact to get it installed with ease.


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