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Wall Cat Flap FAQs

Wall cat flaps are easy to install if you’re a confident DIYer. You will need to check the wall for services, mark the area, drill a pilot hole and expand that hole so you can fit the cat tunnel into it.

Then you’ll need to secure either side of the cat flap and seal any gaps. It may sound complicated but if you’re confident with power tools, it’s straightforward enough. Otherwise, a builder can do it.

Yes, we do sell wall liners for cat doors! We sell a selection of wall liners to fit different sized cat doors. We also sell cat flap adapter kits, spares and accessories.

Just select the wall liner to match the size of your cat flap and a suitable length to pass through the wall. The rest is easy!

It may be easier to use a wall cat flap if you have a glass door. To use a cat flap with glass, you either need to have a glazier cut the hole or replace the bottom pane of your door with glass already cut.

If you have a usable wall, it may be cheaper and easier to cut a hole through your wall and use a cat door and wall liner. Much will depend on your door, your wall and how confident you are with power tools.

Yes, there are lockable wall cat flaps. Most of our range of microchip, lockable and standard cat flaps will work with wall liners through a wall.

Check the product specifications for mention of wall fitment or contact us here at Closer Pets and we will advise on suitable products. The product specification will also highlight compatible wall liners too!

Most cats will use a wall cat flap with a tunnel once they are shown where it is and how it works. A cat’s natural curiosity and urge to roam will usually overcome any fear they have over the tunnel itself.

Introduce your cat to the wall cat flap as usual and let them figure it out. If they seem hesitant, introduce the cat to the flap and have a tasty treat at the other end to help engage them. That should work!