Cat Mate Three-level Cat & Small Dog Pet Water Drinking Fountain White (335W)

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Colour: White
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Also available in Dark Grey


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Magic Fountain!

Due to a medical condition our poor old cat needs to drink a lot, but won't drink from a water bowl in the house. He would rather drink out of a puddle in the garden. The ONLY way he will drink water in the house is from a running tap. As he is now 20 years old, lifting him up to the sink and waiting for him to finish so he doesn't fall off is a bit of a faff. Saw this fountain got good reviews so thought would give it a go. MAGIC!!! After the initial clean and flush set it off and stuck the cat in front of it. Drank from the bottom straight away, then the middle, and finished off at the top. Connected it to a smart plug so it is not on all the time. He still drinks from the bottom when it is off - go figure. When he trots upstairs for food, ask Alexa to switch it on, and when he trots downstairs again ask Alexa to switch it off. In the middle of the night when I hear him slurping (I am a light sleeper), switch it on at the wall, and off again when he is finished. Beats getting woken up in the night by loud howling for the sink - he is going deaf so a lot louder than he used to be! Could run it all night next to the bed as it is very quiet. Just had its first clean - easy to take apart to clean pump (just a few cat hairs). If your cat doesn't like drinking from a water bowl and prefers drinking from a tap, just buy one, you won't regret it. We call it the magic fountain as we couldn't believe how quick he took to it considering he is such a creature of habit in his old age.

Hi Col,

Thanks so much for this great review! Cats like yours are exactly the reason we developed our drinking fountains, because we know how fussy pets (cats especially) can be when it comes to drinking water, but also how important it is for them to stay hydrated. I'm so pleased to hear your feline friend has taken to the fountain so quickly and is now getting his much needed water intake, he's an impressive age! And I like the sound of 'Magic Fountain' - we'll definitely be using that!

Best wishes,

Fab fountain

My cats love their drinking fountain. It keeps the water nice and cool for them, and gets any dirt out of the water if they have brought some in on their whiskers. The filters are easy to change and the whole unit is easy to keep clean

Great cat fountai

I have had many of these fountains, and I really like them, but if you have hard water, sometimes it's a problem getting the hard water deposits off----I just buy a new one every couple years----Really reasonable price

Roger K
My animals seem to like it it took a little bit of time to get used to it

At first they were skeptical because they use the same bowl for a number of years but after they got used to it they now seem to love it and they all female cats are now using it and have no fear of it and it seems to be that they life is quite well thank you it's a good product in my opinio

Easy to use

Cat and dog

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