Closer Pets MiBowl Automatic Selective Microchip Pet Feeder (CP500)

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  • MiBowl automatically detects your pet’s ISO or AVID 15-digit microchip giving them unique access to their next meal
  • Perfect automatic feeder to regulate food intake and monitor pets with separate diets
  • Easy-to-clean, removable, and dishwasher-safe food bowl
  • Feeding Bowl is BPA and Phthalates free
  • Covered bowl keeps up to 340g (12oz) (four pouches) of wet or dry food fresher for longer
  • Capacity to program feeder for up to 10 pets
  • Practical, compact design takes up little space in your home
  • Fully enclosed design ensures persistent pets can't access food from the rear or sides during feeding
  • Tamper-resistant, with lid stall detection to protect the most inquisitive pets
  • Ultra-quiet lid opening
  • Removable portion-protecting clips for kittens, small cats, and dogs
  • Compatible with long-life and rechargeable batteries
  • Suitable for non-microchipped pets using electronic Pet Mate I.D. Disc

UPC: 035368901003

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"We originally used the Surefeed feeders but there were many things we feel could have been improved with their design and the product in general. The MiBowl far surpasses the Surefeed models in our opinion. So, thank you for creating such a wonderful product that helps us to care for our fluffy little family in a safe and user-friendly way!"

"Cats were less argumentative at dinner time as they knew which station was theirs"

"Covered the wet food when pets were not eating, good in warm months with flies and odour."

"Cover stopped the infant from getting to the cat's food!"

"Pet was very happy with it!"

"Nice and compact. We have used other feeders in the past which have a much bigger footprint."

"I like the look of it. It's sturdy. The bowls are nicely designed and easy to wash. The products work well at keeping each pet to their own dish."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good, but could be improved

The replacement steel bowls are great but very expensive. I wish there was an option for bowls with two compartments as we'd love to get one for our other cat but he doesn't like his dry and wet food mixed.
It works very well at keeping one cat from the other's food, it was easy to programme and it's very sturdy. Our cat got the hang of using it quite quickly and she has no problems using it at all.
My only improvements would be to offer the stainless steel bowls at a better price point and give the option of stainless steel bowls with a divider to allow for 2 separate compartments.

Hello Natalie,

Thank you for leaving a review. I am glad to hear you like the product, and we really appreciate your feedback on the features. We always aim to price competitively, while ensuring we use premium food safe material in our manufacture.

Best wishes,

So far so good

Bought this for one of my cats as the other is rather greedy and on a special diet but yet he proceeded to try to steal her food constantly and I was having to pick her bowl up every time he was around.
She took to the bowl quicker than I thought she would. She was a bit jumpy at the mechanism when the lid opened to begin with but after a day or 2 it no longer bothers her, she just walks up to it and waits for it to open.
I'm hoping this stands up to the test of time as it's making my life a lot easier, even though my other cat rather hates it as it stops him getting into her food and stuffing his face.

I went for this one over the surefeed one as the depth of the mibowl is considerably less than the sure feed meaning it doesn't stick out into the room anywhere near as much as the sure feed would of done. Yes its taller and bulkier but the footprint of the device was the deciding factor for me.

Hello Jacob,

Thank you for taking the time to leave this positive review. I'm so happy to hear that you and you cat are enjoying the benefits the MiBowl has to offer, and they can now enjoy their food without sneaky siblings trying to steal it.

Best wishes,

S Jackson
Impressed so far!

I confess, I have just rejected the Surefeed alternative to try this one. MiBowl appears to be far superior because (1) My greedy and hence larger cat in unable to steal her sister's food from the back or side of the unit due to the closed-cube design (2)Coloured clips/labels supplied so you know which cat is paired to the feeder and therefore which pet you are feeding! (3) Easy to remove/clean robust metal bowl (4) Brilliant ice pack below the metal bowl to keep the food fresh on hot days (5) Quieter operation so didn't startle the cats. (6) Sturdy design - no flimsy bits. A split bowl would be handy to separate wet/dry food but at the minute I put them side-by-side as the feeding bowl is large enough. If the expensive C Alkaline batteries last several months and the units don't malfunction (unlike my Surefeed experience) I will be a very happy cat mummy!!! Hopefully I can return to give an updated review in a few months. Thank you Closer Pets!

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I'm pleased to hear you're happy with MiBowl®! We believe that, as a microchip controlled feeder, the unit should be designed in a way that genuinely protects the food from other pets and so were keen to address the limitations of other feeders on the market.

We pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our products, however, should you have any issues with your unit, we offer a 12-month guarantee as standard with an extended warranty of three years if you register within the first 14 days - so can replace or fix as needed. And a split bowl feature is something our team are looking at introducing in the future, so thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

Best wishes,

Impressive - 3 month review

Excellent quality product, sturdy and robust construction. Easy to set up and keep clean. Three months in and still on the original batteries.
We are a two cat household our 6.6kg big boy was a food thief and was gaining too much weight, now no matter how hard he tires he can't get to his sisters food now he's a slim 6kg big boy.
Another plus is that it will keep the food away from flies in the summer months too.
Thank you Closer pets for a great product.

Hi Sara,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Owners with multiple pets like yourself are exactly the reason we designed MiBowl as we know how difficult it can be when one pet steals another's food, so I'm happy to hear you're already noticing the health benefits and I'm sure your other cat is grateful to finally have their dinner to themselves!

Best wishes,

Steven Trotter
Finally, a decent microchipped pet automated feeder

I'm glad I found the MiBowl as we'd been looking at some of the cheaper alternative. We had two SureFeed feeders before for example, though not the chip reader ones, and one of them broke soon after we got it. The MiBowl is amazing however, it just feels like a superior product and well worth the extra money for us.

It's really easy to setup, you just click "add pet" and put the pet you want to use it in it for a few seconds and then it'll respond to them. We have 2 cats and it only opens for the one we did program it to.

We have just ordered another one as cat 2 is jealous because he can't get in cat 1's MiBowl, they'll soon have one each.

Really easy to clean too and look after too. Highly recommended.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for this great review! MiBowl is perfect for households with multiple pets like yours, so we're glad to hear it's doing the job and protecting your pet's food, and that you're also finding it easy to use and clean - that was our aim! If you haven't already, you can register your MiBowl under our 3 year warranty here for extra peace of mind:

Best wishes,

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