Cat Mate Large Cat Flap – Brown (221B)

SKU: 221B

Colour: Brown
Sale price£19.99

Also available in White


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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Lock broke before it was installed

Bought mainly to see if cats would use it. 3 of the 5 used it constantly, 1 would use it only if a human held it open. It was installed into plywood and plywood then inserted into sash window. It wasn't intended to be permanent for us. The door does not always close completely and doesn't stand up to weather extremes even when it does. One of the locks ( which are simply plastic pieces) broke off before we even installed it. I would not consider this door a permanent solution unless maybe for an exit to garage or a sunporch. It's not awful, it does work; it's just does not meet our needs.

S High
Me and My Cats Love It!

I shopped around and read reviews for a long time trying to decide on a cat door and picked this one because it's brown and seemed big enough for my large (18ish pounds) cat. It has worked out perfectly. I installed it on the interior door that leads into my garage and I love being able to get the litterboxes out of the house. Both cats took to it very quickly; I did leave it taped open for a couple days first, then when I un-taped it that understood what the deal was.

Matthew W.
Easy to install cat door suitable for BIG cats]

This was easy to install and my large, fat cat approximately 28 pounds can use it as well as my other normal sized cats. Keeps the dogs out of their food and litter boxes

michael burton
its perfect

it swings in only, out only, both ways or locked, just like its suppose too. the doors swings nicely and it closes tight. the install was easy for me, I custom built a wall for it. If you're going to install it in a door using the instructions, I have no idea how easy or hard it would be.

James bailie
The door works well

Pretty good door. The is a lack of instructions for installing it but installation is pretty intuitive. The screws were too short for my door and I had to buy longer ones. The locks were a little stiff and had to be worked in.

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