See them 

TreatView allows you to check on your pet throughout the day and see what they get up to when you’re not at home, courtesy of the 130° wide-angle HD camera, which sends a live feed straight to your phone.

Say hello

Interact with your pet in real time, wherever you are, and let them hear a familiar voice, thanks to the two-way audio interaction.

Treat them

Whether it’s to reward good behaviour or simply say ‘I miss you’, you can throw your pet a treat at the tap of a button in the mobile app.

Discover more

 A family matter 

Connect multiple smartphones to the TreatView Closer Pets app so the whole family can get involved with treating your furry friend and checking in on them at different times throughout the day.

Keep track of treats

Make sure you’re not over-treating your pet with up-to-date treat stats in the app, so anyone with a connected device knows how many treats your pet has had.

See in the dark

Switch to night mode so you can clearly monitor any nocturnal activities.

Mount to the wall

Easily attach to the wall with the adhesive strip to prevent your pet from tampering.

Stay connected

Stay up to date and throw your pet a treat at any time, no matter where you are, with the TreatView Closer Pets app.*

Check on your pet when you’re out of the house and say hello with two-way audio. The TreatView Closer Pets app is compatible with the TreatView Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser.

*Available to download now on both Android and Apple iOS devices.