What pet flaps are compatible with this wall liner?

  • Closer Pets Large Cat Clap (Ref. CP221W)
  • Cat Mate Large Cat Flap (Ref. 221W)
  • Cat Mate Large Cat Flap (Ref. 221B)
  • Cat Mate Small Dog Door (Ref. 221WD),
  • Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap (Ref. 357W)

Are the wall liners paintable?
Yes, you can paint these wall liners to match their surroundings.

What materials can this wall liner be installed in?
UPVC/metal door, wall, wooden door, and single/multiple glazing (or existing toughened/multiple glazing, but a new panel will be required).

How thick is the wall liner?
50mm (2”) thick.

Can I use sealant on the wall liner?
Yes, all household sealants are compatible with the wall liner.

Guide for wall liner installation:

Wall Thickness (t) Wall Liners
51 - 99mm (2 - 4”) 1
100 - 149mm (4 - 6”) 2
150 - 199mm (6 - 8”) 3
200 - 249mm (8 - 10”) 4
250 - 299mm (10 - 12”) 5

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