The next generation of smart pet feeder is here

MiBowl+ uses leading microchip technology to provide paired pets with unique access to their next meal, whenever they need it, making it the perfect solution for owners with multiple pets where one steals another's food, pets who require weight management, or those with special dietary needs.

And with seamless connectivity to the Closer Pets app, you can receive important alerts about your pet's feeding habits, keep track of their routine, and maximise their wellbeing, all from your phone.

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The feeder that opens for them, and only them

MiBowl+ detects your pet’s individual microchip or Electronic I.D. Disc collar tag and opens to allow stress-free feeding, while the enclosed unit prevents greedy siblings from sneaking an extra meal via the rear or sides, saving you money by reducing food waste.

No accessories needed...

The app that gets you closer

Avoid expensive vet bills and identify early signs of ill-health with the help of the Closer Pets app*. Receive a notification every time your pet eats, get alerted if they miss a meal, and view their feeding patterns over time to spot any signs of unusual behaviour.

Compatible with the MiBowl+ Smart Microchip Pet Feeder

*Apple iOS version available to download now.

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Did you know that the digestive system of a cat is built to eat 2-3 small meals a day?

Get important feeding information at your fingertips, including number of feeds and time of last meal.


Receive important alerts, including every time your pet has eaten and if they miss a meal. So you’re always in the know.

Full control

Did you know that grazing or 'free feeding' is a term which refers to allowing your cat access to dry food all day and can severely impact the longevity of their life?

With the app, you can control MiBowl+ on the go, activate or deactivate training mode and add multiple pets.

What's more, the ability to schedule your pet's mealtimes from the app will be available later this year!

Pet profiles

Create individual profiles for each pet and upload useful information like breed, weight, vaccine history, medication and vet details.

How does it work?

MiBowl+ seamlessly connects to the Closer Pets app via MiHub.

MiHub is the key that connects the feeder and the app together, enabling MiBowl+ to send important information about your pet's feeding habits to your phone. MiHub easily connects to your Wi-Fi router, turning green to indicate successful connection, and then MiBowl+ syncs to MiHub in order to connect to the Closer Pets app.

Only one MiHub is needed per household as it connects to multiple devices. Your router must be within 10 meters of MiHub, and MiHub must be within 10 meters of your Closer Pets smart devices to link.

Pssst, MiDoor will be the next smart device in our connected range!

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