Can this be fitted in glass?
No, it is only suitable for doors and walls.
Are wall liners available?
No. However, wall installation instructions are included with the product.
My cat can no longer get in?

Firstly, try a new, good-quality battery.

I have tried a new battery but when I test it is still not working.

Ensure that you are testing in the correct place. Apply the magnet to the very front of the step/ledge of the cat flap on the outside of the house. Look and listen for the red catch dropping.

I’ve found another cat is coming in.

    1.  Is the cat wearing a magnet? It will only prevent cats not wearing magnets from entering.
    2. If you push the flap from the outside, does it open? If yes, is there any sign of damage to the swinging flap where it meets the red catch? If there is, the flap will need to be replaced.
Will it work in a metal door?
Yes. Its correct operation is not affected by metal.
What is the size of the opening the cat goes through?
Approximately 145mm X 145mm.
Are replacement flaps available?
They are available to purchase on our website, Part No. 918.
Are spare magnets available?
Yes, they are available from our website, Part No. 257.

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