It won’t let me set the same two times, it keeps deleting the
second one.
If you require one meal a day, you need only set the time for MEAL 1
to allow feeding up to two days. The feeder will feed at this one set time
each day.

For instance, I want to set 9am & 3pm on day 1 and 10am and
5pm on day 2.
The feeder does not work like this – you can only set two times and it will
feed at those two times on both days.

I can’t set the mealtimes, as the buttons do not seem to be
Try fitting a brand-new set of good-quality alkaline batteries.

The bowl is not lined up with the lid.
Press the ADJ/SET and UP arrow buttons together for three seconds
to achieve alignment.

We are going away at 3pm. We want to start feeding at 8am
tomorrow, then again at 4pm.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to set feeds a day in advance.

How long will the ice packs keep the food cool for?
This depends where the feeder is situated and the ambient temperature of
the room etc. We would advise freezing an ice pack and placing it in the
room where the feeder will be and monitoring it.

The low battery sign keeps showing after a few days.
1. If using zinc batteries, these are not powerful enough for the feeder. If
good-quality alkaline, we suggest trying a new set, as one faulty one
can cause issues.
2. We advise using good-quality alkaline batteries – the low battery
indicator will only work with alkaline batteries.

Can I use milk/cat soup in the feeder?
No, the feeder is designed for wet food (tin or pouches) or
dry food/biscuits.

Is this product made from BPA-free plastic?
The bowl, lid, base, i.e. all main components are made from polypropylene.
This is a BPA-free plastic.

How much does each bowl hold?
Each bowl holds 330g (3/4lb) of food (or the equivalent volume of dried

Can I get spare ice packs/bowls/lids?
Yes, they are available to order on our website.


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