The lids opens minutes before/after the time set?
As an analogue timer that degree of accuracy is not possible, if you need greater accuracy we recommend one of our digital feeders, C300 or C500
The lid won’t close correctly?
Check that lid/s are fully pushed into recesses at the back of the feeder.
The dials aren’t turning?
Check to see if the cogs are moving in the timer mechanism, if they are moving check that the timer dials move independently
Is the feeder dishwasher proof?
The bowls and lids can be put in the dishwasher on a low setting.
Is this product made from BPA free plastic?
The bowl, lid, base, i.e. all main components are made from polypropylene. This is a BPA free plastic
How much does each bowl hold?
Each bowl holds 450g (1 lb) of food (or the equivalent volume of dried food)
Can I get replacement bowls or lids?
Yes, they are available on our website
Are Stainless Steel Bowls available for this product?
Yes, they are available on our website