45000 Pressurised UV and Bio Pond Filter (321)

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Provide a safe and healthy haven for your pond life with the addition of the 45000 Pressurised UV and Bio Pond Filter. This practical pond gadget will help eliminate any algae and therefore stop your pond going green. It uses a formidable combination of mechanical and biological filtration, with the aim of optimal water quality and, quite simply, healthier fish!

Easy to install, above or below ground, this handy filter features our patented Powerclenz cleaning system – where you can force out any sludge build-up by simply twisting a dial. Job done!

Key features:

  • Patented Powerclenz cleaning system
  • Combined UV and biological filtration for crystal-clear purified water
  • Multi-sized inlet
  • Primary mechanical filtration brush/settlement chamber
  • UV chamber
  • UV lamp on indicator
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple installation, above or below ground level
  • Includes SUPRA+ bio filter media
  • Includes multi-stage profiled filter foams for secondary mechanical filtration
  • Lid secured by single clamp ring allows easy access for filter maintenance.

Product specifications and additional info:

  • Fitted with 5m (16’) power cable, plug not supplied (RCD/GFI connection)
  • Multi-sized inlet: 32mm (11/4”) or 38mm (11/2”)
  • Outlet may be extended with 32mm (11/4”) or 38mm (11/2”) hose if required
  • Sludge outlet may be extended with 19mm (3/4”) or 25mm (1”) hose if required
  • 3-year guarantee.

EAN: 035368003219


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