Fish Mate Pond Pump – 7,000 Litres per hour (473)

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Customer Reviews

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mike ehreth
energy efficient

lasts 10 years.

M. Torsani
Great pump for a filter system

This pump replaced my old Bio Filter pump. Works great and has great power. Came with all the attachments for the connection!

Amazon Customer
Review Update

I am updating this review. When first installed this pond did not have sufficienct flow or power. That was operator error. I had my filter on wrong setting. Also when I took it out of pond to return, I found a small black cap in the flowline that did not belong, and was interfering with the pressure. I do not know how it fell in there or where, but once removed I have been very pleased with pump. Good pressure, quiet, very adequate for my needs. I would recommend.

Sue D.
So glad I bought the more powerful pump!

I only have a 300 gallon pond with a small waterfall. This pump really moves the water! My pond is staying much cleaner. My Comets look great! The smaller debris passes thru and does not clog the pump which means a lot less labor for me! Awesome. My smaller Fish-Mate pump lasted 6 years so I expect the longevity to be good. Worth the money so far!

Kathryn O Wright
Works great

It works great!

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