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Cat Mate FAQs

Cat Mate is part of the Closer Pets brand. We began over 30 years ago creating automatic pet feeders and grew our product portfolio from there. We expanded to include Pet Mate, Cat Mate, Dog Mate and Fish Mate and wanted to bring them all together under one name.

We chose Closer Pets because we are all close to our own pets but we wanted to get closer to yours too. Plus, we think it better reflects our commitment to all pets, not just cats, dogs and fish!

Some of our Pet Mate cat flaps can prevent intruders from wandering around your home. We sell some lockable cat flaps that use a chip on the collar or microchip to only allow your own cat to enter.

For example, the Microchip Cat Flap uses your cat’s microchip or unique ID tag to only allow entry to them. All other cats won’t be able to access. These are ideal if you have regular visitors during the night!

The number of meals depends on the model of cat feeder you buy. We stock one, two, three and five meal dispensers as well as a multi-meal dispenser for cats who prefer dry food.

Each uses a mechanical or digital timer to dispense food on a schedule that suits you and your cat. Select the model that best reflects your needs and your cat should never go hungry!

If your cat prefers running water, the Cat Mate cat fountain is perfect. They come in a range of capacities from two litres up to six litres and provide oxygenated fresh water on demand.

Each cat fountain includes a dispenser and a small tank where water can sit ready for drinking. Some cat fountains will even filter the water before dispensing it if your car doesn’t like the taste of tap water!

Cat flaps can be easy to install depending on the type of door you’re installing it into.

If you’re replacing a cat flap, the process should take minutes. If you’re cutting a new one into wood or UPVC, it could take a little longer. All Cat Mates have instructions for cat flap installation so you’re in good hands.

If you have a glass door, you’ll need a new panel with hole already prepared for the services of a glazier. It isn’t something a DIYer can safely do themselves!