The importance of hydration in winter

Have you ever caught yourself pondering, ‘can pets get dehydrated in the winter?’ The answer: absolutely.

The frigid temperatures this time of year, plus dry air indoors when we crank up the heat can lead to your pets becoming dehydrated – meaning it’s just as important to ensure your pet drinks plenty of water in the winter as it is in the summer.

So, how can you help make sure your cat or dog stays hydrated all year round?


Go with the flow

Moving water appeals to your pet’s animal instincts to lap up water from rivers and streams, as flowing water is perceived (quite rightly) as more hygienic and so moving water encourages your pet to drink more than still water in a bowl does.

That’s why our Closer Pets pet fountains offer a fun and exciting way for your pet to access fresh water – all day long – to keep them hydrated. Plus, due the built-in filter, it also tastes and smells nicer to your pet’s hyper-senses, and all the dirt and debris from the day is filtered out to keep things clean and fresh.

So, no matter the chilly temperatures outside, you can make sure your cat or dog gets their daily dose of H20, providing consistent access to fresh water.


Keep track of their normal routine

Make hydration a priority by familiarising yourself with how often your pet drinks water on a day-to-day basis throughout all four seasons.

By monitoring their general drinking habits, it’ll be easy to identify if their drinking frequency drops when winter rolls around.

If this is the case, it’s a good idea to consult your vet to make sure your loyal companion isn’t getting dehydrated. And if so, what the best solutions may be. Your vet may suggest some changes that could lead them to drink more water.


Find new ways to encourage drinking

It’ll be in your pet’s nature to seek out water both inside and outside. And while a good rainfall may guarantee some deep puddles in the garden, it won’t be much use to your pet as a drinking source once the cold temperatures hit and it freezes over (although it could work well for those with an affinity for ice skating)…

That’s why it’s important to make sure your pet has plenty of options, both inside and outside, the house. And if you have bowls, plant pots or other items outside that your pet likes to drinks from, make sure to keep them clean and always get rid of any ice that appears in the low temperatures.


Introduce wet food to their diet

Regardless of what a pet eats, providing them with fresh water day or night is essential. However, introducing wet food into your pet’s diet offers another source of hydration – and excitement.

Wet food is often the choice for owners with pets on regulated diets, and it offers picky pooches a different food type to try when kibble just isn’t cutting it.

Plus, getting lots of fluids into your pet’s diet through both water and food is also beneficial for pets who are prone to urinary tract infections.


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