Closer Pets MiBowl+ Smart (Apple iOS) Microchip Pet Feeder + Hub Bundle - For Cats and Small Dogs

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MiBowl+ is compatible with ISO or AVID 15-digit microchips. Once you have paired the unit to your pet's microchip, MiBowl+ senses the unique microchip and the lid will open to reveal the food. Once your pet leaves the unit, the lid closes safely over the food.

The fully enclosed design ensures your other pets, or even young children, cannot access the food from the rear or sides while the chosen pet is feeding.

MiBowl+ is suitable for use with either wet or dry food. It includes a dishwasher-proof stainless-steel bowl to offer greater durability and hygiene, which may benefit some pets who have sensitivity to certain materials or suffer from acne.

It also has an ice pack, ideal for extending the life of wet food on hotter days.

Check in with your pets on the go by connecting MiBowl+ to the Closer Pets App via the MiHub (Which links the MiBowl+ to your home internet).

The Closer Pets App enables you to easily keep track of your pet’s routines, manage their daily needs and maximise their wellbeing, all from your phone.

Once connected, MiBowl+ will send you a notification every time your pet eats, log their feeding patterns over time so you understand when your pet does (and doesn't) eat.

MiBowl+ requires MiHub to connect to the Closer Pets App.

MiBowl+ has a fully enclosed design as standard to prevent other pets or small children from accessing your pet’s food, making it the perfect solution for those with multi-pet households, pets on regulated or prescription diets, and young families where young children could be around open pet food.

If your pet does not have an injected microchip, the unit has a microchip collar tag that can be used to control access.

MiBowl+ can also be adapted to ‘grow with your pet’ as it comes with portion protectors that attach to either side of the bowl to provide an extra shield for young or smaller pets. These can then be removed when no longer needed – so you won’t need to purchase added accessories.

MiBowl+ has been specially designed with a compact footprint and super-quiet operation to blend effortlessly with your home and lifestyle.

It is battery-powered (4 x C Cell Batteries - Not included), so it doesn’t need to be located near a plug or power source. It is also compatible with rechargeable batteries.

The bowl holds up to 340g (12oz) of wet or dry food.

Owners can expect straightforward usability, thanks to the user-friendly control panel that ensures uncomplicated operation at every stage, from syncing to the Closer Pets App and programming each individual pet.

  • MiBowl+ Feeder
  • MiHub
  • Stainless-Steel bowl (Dishwasher-friendly)
  • Ice pack to preserve wet food for longer
  • Microchip collar tag (for pets who aren’t microchipped)
  • Four colour-coded clips to differentiate units if you have more than one
  • Instruction Manual

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