4-Way-Locking Cat Flap – Brown (309B)

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Colour: Brown
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Give your cats the freedom to roam during the day, while keeping them inside at night, with the Cat Mate 4-Way-Locking Cat Flap in Brown. The perfect option for thin panel doors and screens, this locking cat door gives you the ability to let your cats in and out, in only, out only, or locked, giving you complete control.

This means your four-legged companions can let themselves out to play in the garden or lounge in their favourite suntrap, while you can keep them indoors at night, or if you’re going out and want the peace of mind of knowing where they are. The lock function is also handy if you need to catch your cat, whether it’s for a dreaded bath, or (whisper it) a vet appointment. 

Key features:

  • 4-way lock control: in and out, in only, out only or locked
  • Easy to use, tamper-proof
  • Silent action
  • Made from super-tough polymer
  • Draught- and weather-proof fully brush sealed flap with magnetic closure
  • Rain-proof seal.

Product specifications and additional info:

  • Self-lining to 13mm (1/2”) thick.
  • Installation: Screen door/thin panel, UPVC/metal door, wooden door
  • Cut-out size: width 165mm (6 1/2”), height 174mm (6 7/8”)
  • Overall size: 192mm (7 5/8”), height 200mm (7 7/8”)
  • 3-year guarantee.


EAN: 035368203091


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