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Dog Feeders FAQs

Dog feeders can keep your dog’s regular feeding schedule when you’re not around too. If they have always eaten at a certain time of day, changing the routine can upset them. A dog feeder can provide the food on schedule even when you’re not home, ensuring your dog remains content.

The amount of food that is dispensed depends on the size of dog feeder you buy. Closer Pets has a range of pet feeders in different sizes. Smaller pet feeders will serve fewer, smaller portions. Large dog feeders can provide more or larger meals.

Buy the right dog feeder for your size of dog and they should get the nutrition they need without keeping them hungry.

Dog feeders do not need mains power. They are usually powered by batteries which have a long operating life. The batteries are enough to work the timer and open the food door when necessary.

Some dog feeders come with a battery monitoring function, otherwise we recommend changing them every 9-12 months of continuous operation.

Some dog feeders can serve wet food. For example, the two-meal automatic feeder with stainless steel bowls can serve wet food. It even comes with an ice pack to keep the food fresh during warmer days.

Other pet feeders rely on dry food only so choose the right feeder for the right situation.

If your dog has an existing space where it eats, place the dog feeder there. If you’re setting up for a new dog or puppy, set aside a place where the dog can eat in peace.

Dogs like a little privacy when eating. Somewhere they won’t be disturbed or interfered with. If you place the feeder somewhere busy, the dog will eat as fast as possible, which can cause issues in later life. Place the dog feeder somewhere out of the way where you or your children can avoid while the dog is eating.

You can secure your dog feeder to something heavy to stop them pushing it around while eating. Feeders include holes for fixing to the floor or a sheet of wood, heavy mat or something else to keep it in place.

Dog feeders from Closer Pets require very little maintenance. The dog feeder itself requires very little. Just ensure there is no food debris in any of the workings and that it is clean. Remove the bowl when empty and sure it is properly washed. Check the batteries once every 6 months or so and plan to change them between 9-12 months if you use the pet feeder continually.

That’s all the maintenance the dog feeder needs.

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