Tech that connects: Revolutionise pet care with our smart product range

Here at Closer Pets, we’re all about bringing you closer to your pet. That’s why we have a dedicated team who design our products with your little loved ones in mind. Our smart pet products have been created as solutions to real-life problems, making dog or cat ownership more convenient – and fun!

So whether you’re spending the day at work, popping to the shops, meeting friends or enjoying a gym session, you can go about your day knowing that your pet has access to their next meal and the great outdoors without fuss.

And, even better, all of our high-tech, high-quality products can be controlled from your phone, so you can make sure that your pet is fed and healthy, no matter where you are.

Want to learn more about the range of Closer Pets smart pet products? Read on to see how our microchip pet feeder, automatic treat dispenser and premium pet door can help make your life with your precious pup or feline friend easier and happier than ever.



The next generation of smart pet feeder

Are you a proud pet owner with cats or small dogs that often like to poke their noses into their sibling’s meal? Perhaps one of your pets has a medicated or regulated diet that you need to monitor extra carefully? Or maybe you’re looking for a solution that keeps your pet’s meal covered to keep out pests and keep in the freshness?

The MiBowl+ microchip pet feeder uses market-leading technology to automatically detect a pet’s individual microchip to give them – and only them – unique access to their next meal, whenever they need it.

This versatile pet feeder is perfect for multi-pet households with sneaky siblings who like to nibble at someone else’s meal or for pets who are on medication or prescribed diets.

For kittens and smaller cats, MiBowl+ is supplied with innovative portion-protecting clips to make sure that once your pet’s microchip is detected and MiBowl+ opens, only the compatible pet is given access to the food – these can be removed as your pets grow.

MiBowl+ uses MiHub to connect to your mobile phone, giving you unlimited access to the Closer Pets app* where you can see valuable insights such as feeding information, the time of the last meal and the total time spent feeding.

MiBowl+ and MiHub are available as a bundle, and MiHub is compatible with other smart connected devices from Closer Pets, like MiDoor+.

  • Suitable for cats and small dogs
  • Compatible with all 15-digit ISO microchips
  • Compatible with the Closer Pets Electronic ID Disc (1 provided with unit)
  • Capacity to hold up to 340g (12oz) of wet or dry food
  • Has a user-friendly control panel for simple and straightforward operation
  • Accessories include detachable portion-protecting clips, stainless steel bowls and ice packs


*MiBowl+ is currently Apple iOS compatible only. 

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Interact from anywhere, at any time, with TreatView

The TreatView pet camera and treat dispenser lets devoted pet owners communicate with their pet from wherever they are. If you think your pet is missing you throughout the day – or perhaps, more realistically, you’re missing them – you can check in, say a quick hello and toss them a treat so they know you’re thinking of them, even if you’re out of the house.

From work, the school run, a shopping trip or even a family meal where the restaurants won’t allow four-legged guests (no matter how well behaved), you can be in contact with your precious pet whenever you’d like.

The camera works in low light and nighttime conditions to give you round-the-clock video, and the device can be set to sense motion, so you don’t need to wait around to see if your pets walk past.

Control of the pet camera and treat dispensing function within TreatView is at your fingertips, thanks to the TreatView app. With the app, you can:

  • See what your pet gets up to on the 130-degree wide-angle HD camera
  • Record or screenshot special moments
  • Respond in real time using two-way audio
  • Use night vision to stay up to date with your pet’s activity when it’s dark
  • Throw your pet a treat to reward good behaviour or simply say ‘I miss you’
  • Keep track of treats using the readily available stats

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To roam or stay home? Explore with MiDoor+ 

Meet MiDoor+, the latest smart product from Closer Pets. MiDoor+ is our smart cat flap that allows you to remotely control and monitor your cat’s indoor and outdoor access, so they can come and go safely and unwanted visitors are prevented from entering your home.

If you have a pet with a particular fondness for the outdoors but you need your cat to be inside at a certain time to take them to the vets, MiDoor+ can be set up to prevent them from going outdoors at the required times.

MiDoor+ allows you to create timed routines to automatically control when your pet door is open or closed without having to physically be at the cat flap to lock it yourself. That means that if you’re away from home, in a rush to get out of the door or simply find that you’ve forgotten to lock it before getting into bed, there’s no need to worry!

Choose between four locking modes – in and out, in only, out only or locked – so you always know when your pet is free to roam – perfect for when low temperatures hit or your pet needs to stay inside overnight, for instance at rush hour or if there are fireworks.

The Closer Pets app** allows you to:

  • Find out whether your pet is inside or outside
  • Lock or unlock MiDoor+ remotely
  • See when your pet last used MiDoor+
  • Track how long your pet stays outdoors
  • Check the battery status (the app informs you of ‘low battery’ status)

Sync MiDoor+ to your MiHub and connect your phone for unlimited access to the Closer Pets app.


**MiDoor+ is currently Apple iOS compatible only. 

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At Closer Pets, we’re proud to offer a range of leading pet products using the latest technology to prioritise the convenience of pet ownership and the happiness of your furry friend.

From the microchip-enabled MiBowl+ to the interactive TreatView camera and the convenient MiDoor+, our high-tech, connected products offer intelligent solutions to enhance the well-being of your pet.

Explore our website today to learn more about the connected Closer Pets range.