10 festive activities for you and your pet this Christmas

The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter and spending quality moments with loved ones – and, of course, that includes our four-legged friends!

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This Christmas, make sure your furry companions aren’t left out of the festivities. From festive decorations to yummy treats, here are some delightful ways you can share with your pet to make this Christmas one to remember.


  1. Deck the halls with pet-friendly decor

Get creative with your Christmas decorations this December! Avoid using tinsel or fragile ornaments that could harm your pets. Instead, opt for sturdy, non-toxic decorations like pet-friendly stockings or stylish ornaments made of safe materials. And don’t be afraid to let your pets get involved in the decorating process. Chances are they’ll enjoy the creative process as much as they will seeing the final product.


  1. DIY paw print ornaments

Looking for ideas for a ‘pet-friendly’ ornament? Capture a special moment with your furry friend by creating personalised paw print ornaments. Use pet-safe clay or salt dough to make an impression of their paw, bake it and then decorate it using pet-friendly paint. Then all that’s left to do is hang the ornament on the tree. Is this the start of a new Christmas tradition?...


  1. Festive pet photoshoot

Is your pet a star in the making? Dress them up in an adorable Christmas-themed outfit and organise a festive photoshoot. Use props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers or cosy holiday blankets – whatever they seem comfortable in. If they’re not into dress-up, look at creating a festive backdrop instead. Capture these precious moments to share with friends and family, and you could even create your own set of personalised holiday cards.


  1. Holiday treat baking

Spoil your pets with homemade Christmas treats. There are countless pet-friendly recipes available for both dogs and cats. From gingerbread-flavoured dog biscuits to tuna-infused cat treats, spending time in the kitchen baking for your pets can be a great bonding experience – as long as no one tries to sneak a treat before they’re ready! That’s when TreatView comes in handy for urgent treat requirements…


  1. Christmas movie marathon

Create a cosy space with blankets and pillows for you and your pets to enjoy a Christmas movie marathon. Choose pet-friendly films or shows with calming, festive music – our recommendations are any with an animal-packed main cast! While your pets may not understand the plot, they’ll surely appreciate the extra snuggle time with you.


  1. Gift-giving for pets

Wrap up a few small gifts for your pets and let them join in on the gift-opening fun. Whether it’s a new toy, a soft blanket or some tasty treats, watching your pets explore their presents is always a lovely experience. What a way to end the year!


  1. Pet-safe Christmas dinner

Prepare a special Christmas dinner for your pets with safe and healthy ingredients. For dogs, consider a mix of lean meats and dog-friendly vegetables, while cats may enjoy a special treat of cooked chicken or fish. And always avoid giving pets foods that may be harmful, such as chocolate, onions or garlic.

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  1. Adventurous winter walkies

Take advantage of the great outdoors by embarking on a winter adventure with your dog. Explore local streets lined with houses adorned with Christmas lights or venture into nature for a snowy wander – if we’re so lucky! Dress your dog in a festive jumper or coat to keep them warm and don’t forget to capture the magical moments on camera.


  1. Fun-filled DIY stockings

Create personalised stockings for your pets and fill them with pet-safe goodies. Include a mix of their favourite treats, small toys and perhaps a new collar or accessory. Hang these stockings by the fireplace or in their favourite corner and let your pets enjoy the excitement of discovering their own Christmas treasures.


  1. Animal-friendly gingerbread house

Put a pet-friendly twist on the classic gingerbread house tradition. Create a pet-safe version using ingredients suitable for cats and dogs, like plain, unsweetened yogurt, and shape it into a festive house. Decorate it with bite-sized treats and let your pets indulge in their very own gingerbread creation.


This Christmas, create lasting memories with your furry companions by incorporating them into the holiday festivities. Whether it’s decorating, baking or simply snuggling up for extra quality time, these activities will bring so much tail-wagging, purr-filled joy to your pets.

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